New WICKed Home Essential Oil Candles: May I Be Purified

New WICKed Home Essential Oil Candles Range in collaboration with Kindred Self Oils – Aromatherapy in the comfort of your home!

All WICKed Home Soy candles are:

  • Synthetic Fragrance Free
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Soy Wax
  • 100% Natural
  • Hand-Poured, Small Batch

We have created a new artisan range of natural soy candles; infused with pure essential oils, providing a more subtle aromatic experience. The fragrance of pure plant oils provides the known benefits of Aromatherapy – a therapeutic and healing aroma that is gently diffused when the candle is lit. Aromatherapy candles made with essential oils can provide numerous benefits to one’s well-being, mind and body. They have been known to be used over centuries to assist in changing one’s mood, assist in relaxation, or making one feel more calm, energised or productive.

We use Kindred Self pure essential oil blends which are designed to nurture, balance and inspire self-love. Each aromatic synergy is formulated using a combination of premium quality, single harvest plant oils. Kindred Self's authentic creations gently transport you to a special place where emotional healing can be experienced. We have chosen to collaborate with Kindred Self as their essential oil bends are: made from single origin pure authentic plant oils. They do not contain additives, alcohol, synthetic fragrance, parabens or dyes”. They use only the purest plant oils that they can source. The use of pure essential oils ensures that any allergies to synthetic chemicals (fragrance or parfum) will not trigger any allergies or headaches!

Introducing our first in the range: MAY I BE PURIFIED

Cleansing – Positivity – Energy

May I Be Purified is a cleansing blend formulated to purify energy and bring forth positivity to your personal space. Designed to protect and purify your energy centres.

  • Resets and protects
  • Calms and balances
  • Romantic exotic aroma
  • Evening/daytime blend

The scent is slightly spicy with a hint of cinnamon, a deep romantic, somewhat mysterious blend offering a masculine mood. This beautiful mix includes:  

+ Sweet Orange
+ Juniper Berry
+ Cedarwood
+ Organic Lavender
+ Patchouli
+ Cinnamon Bark 

Many of these ingredients when used in aromatherapy, are known to have numerous benefits including:

  • Anti-septic, Anti-bacterial and/or Anti-fungal properties
  • Repels insects
  • Relaxes the mind and body and eases tension
  • Alleviates symptoms of nervousness, stress and/or anxiety
  • Refreshes, re-energises & uplifts the mind
  • Deodorises indoor environments
  • Purifies the air

Our new Essential Oil candles range comes in 3 sizes: 250ml (Single Wick Jar), 275ml (Apothecary Glass) and 500ml (Double Wick Jar). Also available in two other scents: May I Be Cherished & May I Be Nurtured.


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